Legal support of the entity’s current operations is an integral part of functioning and, in the majority of cases, may require involvement of the knowledge and experience on the part of the experts from other companies.
Subscription to legal services for companies is the main practice at Colares, which covers all key aspects of the companies.
Nowadays, legal outsourcing is a popular area of ​​legal support. Our lawyers and advisors are ready to provide highly qualified support in resolving current issues of the company, which require attention on the part of experienced professionals. In particular, we provide assistance in the preparation and signing of contracts, provide advice in the field of labor, corporate law, as well as other areas. Support of the company’s current operations is a tool which will enable a company to optimize the process of functioning of any business, and will also help avoiding risks and adopting wrongful decisions. Additional services rendered by the practice include:
  • Preparation of agreements, control of the process of their signing by the parties;
  • Assistance in compiling reporting documentation;
  • Legal audit (due diligence) of a company;
  • Provision of relevant instructions for the staff in connection with the labor and corporate law issues;
  • Participation in negotiations;
  • Supporting the company’s interests in resolving any disputes and differences.