Financial activity is the most critical vector in the current business. This is a very profitable and promising trend in the economy, which represents a large segment of the world market. In Ukraine, the process of registration and start-up of financial institutions contains a number of differences from the procedure for establishing business entities in other areas, so potential founders of these companies must be aware of all details and features of the registration process. Colares Law Firm has established the up-to-date and efficient practice for the establishment and control of financial institutions in Ukraine and abroad.
In addition to professional support at all stages of the registration process, our lawyers and advisors are also ready to elaborate the unique business model for a company that provides financial services.
An innovative approach to solving legal tasks, as well as a long-term partnership with numerous government agencies and regulatory authorities result in successful optimization of the process of registration of financial companies, as well as guiding them it during their operations in compliance with the current legislation. Among other services rendered by Colares, are:
  • Advising Clients on financial law and registration of financial institutions;
  • Analysis of potential activities and processing of possible risks that have arisen at the initial and subsequent stages of operations;
  • Advising in the process of forming the authorized capital, further legal support of business operations;
  • Assistance in resolving disputes at all stages of the company’s operations.