Criminal law is a set of legal regulations that determine general principles, conditions, and grounds of criminal liability; the range of actions that are recognized as crimes due to a high level of public danger; types and sizes of punishment and other types of criminal and legal penalties applied to the persons who are found guilty of commitment of such actions, inclusive of grounds and conditions of release from liability and from punishment. Quite frequent cases include the crimes of economic nature (committed by business representatives), as well as charges related to commitment of the actions that were not actually committed by the persons against whom the charges are brought. Groundless charges related to commitment of an offense can be faced by a fairly high percentage of business representatives, and in such cases, legal protection is an integral part of interaction with government agencies. The Colares criminal law practice is aimed, rather, at protecting the interests of victims of economic crimes. A set of services and measures in the field of criminal law has been developed by competent lawyers and attorneys who are ready to assist in resolving disputes in criminal proceedings, as well as to prevent various risks in this area of ​​law.
Colares, together with leading experts in the field of criminal law, provides a full range of services to protect Ukrainian and foreign legal entities and individuals during criminal proceedings, regardless of the level of complexity of such proceedings.
We provide the following services:
  • Assistance rendered by our lawyers in relation to the inspections conducted by regulatory authorities;
  • Analysis of the activities of business entities for compliance with criminal law, audit of contractors;
  • Providing conclusions about possible risks;
  • Investigations by leading lawyers;
  • Protection of the Client’s interests during pre-trial proceedings, as well as in courts of all instances;
  • Instructions provided to the companies’ personnel in connection with the issues pertaining to the procedures of operational actions within companies or in relation to criminal proceedings.