The current conditions of the market economy, which create the highest competition, significantly affect the existence of various business entities. As a rule, the capital flows exclusively towards the most profitable branches of entrepreneurship, which sometimes leads to loss of profitability, even for successful entities. As a result, while some companies climb to the top, others become unnecessary or unprofitable, which leads to their taking such actions as bankruptcy and liquidation procedures. With a sharp decline in demand for a particular type of goods and services, numerous businesses are facing bankruptcy. In this case, there is an urgent need for competent and qualified legal support, enabling you to get the most out of the unfavorable situations associated with doing business.
Competent application of the insolvency-related legal framework is an efficient and multifunctional tool. Therefore, the Bankruptcy and Liquidation Practice developed by our lawyers will enable you to get out of any situation as profitably as possible.
During many years of efficient working in the field of financial law, including bankruptcy and solvency fields, the Colares lawyers and advisors have gained a valuable experience and a deep knowledge, enabling them to render assistance in overcoming pre-trial or judicial difficulties. We are ready to provide the following services:
  • Advice and assistance on bankruptcy and liquidation issues;
  • Analysis of financial condition of a business entity;
  • Economic and legal expertise;
  • Assistance in combating illegal takeovers, etc.