Legal issues and conflicts of the modern world faced by our Clients demand a special approach for their solution; therefore, the legal panel of Сolares includes a legal association that has been created to strengthen and develop such practices as litigation and criminal law. We were among the first who began to participate in investigative activities carried out by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and litigation involving the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAPO) of Ukraine. In the practice of criminal law, we specialize in business crimes, having experience in protecting our Clients in criminal proceedings where the latter were charged with articles related to the legalization of criminal proceeds, abuse of office, causing to become bankrupt, financial resources fraud, sham entrepreneurship, tax evasion, and other crimes that are in one way or another connected with business activities of individuals and legal entities. The protection of rights and representation of interests of citizens in criminal proceedings, particularly if a person has the procedural status of the witness, the victim, the suspect, and the accused (defendant). The lawyer may provide legal assistance both at the trial stage and at all stages of the pretrial investigation, making statements in the pre-trial investigation register, calling a person to law enforcement authorities for explanations, searches, temporary document access, detention, attachment, etc. The professional representation in court is essential to protect the legitimate interests of the parties and third persons since it promotes the full exercise of their procedural rights and obligations, including their right to legal assistance, especially in cases when representation is carried out by a lawyer.
Сolares lawyers have participated in courts of all levels many times, in proceedings of various branches of law, starting to process cases from gathering evidence to actual enforcement of court decisions.
The provision of the services by our lawyers is based on such principles as the prevalence of our clients’ interests above the interests of their own association, privacy, strict observance of the rules of legal ethics, and an individual approach to each client. We offer our clients three main ways of cooperation:
  • Emergency help. An urgent solution to the problematic situations, in particular, by judicial procedure (disputes with tax, law-enforcement, and other State bodies, etc.).
  • Strategic consulting. Provision of services aimed at creating the most secure strategy on issues that our Clients have.
  • Permanent cooperation. Provision of services on a regular basis to address the whole spectrum of legal issues in the implementation of finances and business operations by individuals and legal entities.